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Reviews and Endorsements

Definitive tech owner's manual
Too Smart is the definitive tech owner’s manual to make your drive on the internet highway a safe, fun, and rewarding journey.
Carl Staton, Former Federal CIO

Excellent, practical advice on cybersecurity
Too Smart provides excellent, practical advice on cybersecurity to help individuals protect their personal information and high-tech devices.
Franklin Reeder, Founding Chair and Director Emeritus, Center for Internet Security

Getting our connectivity under control
Tom Pyke’s Too Smart offers techniques for getting our connectivity under control. And just in time, too, as the next-gen augmented-video, mobile-gigabit Internet of Things is already on its way.
Professor Bob Metcalfe, Internet Pioneer, Ethernet inventor, 3Com Founder

Great book!
Great book - easy to read and very relevant to today's connected world.
Warren Huffer, Senior Consultant/Director of Client Services

If you have one book on technology this is it!

In his new book Too Smart: How to Take Charge of the Smart Tech in Your Life, Tom Pyke has provided a lot of powerful advice in a simple easy to read guide to managing all of your technology! In today’s world we are all confronted with many types of technologies in our daily lives. Often we have to make choices about an array of technologies with little or no good information on the consequences. These consequences can have significant impact on our security, finances, and how we live our lives. Tom’s book helps us make these choices with sound advice and information. Technology can be enjoyable and exciting too. Tom provides advice on how to get the most out of our technologies. Everyone should have this book. I suggest that you read it from cover to cover and then keep it as a reference. Tom is an expert in the field and has worked helping government agencies address complex technological issues. Now his decades of knowledge and experience are available to you! This is a long needed book on a very relevant topic! If you have one book on technology this is it!
Dr. Ralph K. Coppola. President RKC International & Founder & Executive Director Real World Design Challenge

Right Book at the Right Time
Tom Pyke’s “Too Smart” is the right book at the right time. With the explosion in the number and type of connected devices, technology is all around us. Pyke, with his vast industry experience, offers explanations, cautions and tips on how to utilize these devices to your best advantage. Also, he shares how to “protect” yourself from the devices’ potential intrusion in your life and the “bad guys” using them to harm you. Written in an easy to read style.

Hal Shelton, Principal at Blue Venture Investors, LLC; SCORE Mentor and Amazon best-seller author

Nostalgic, Insigfhtful and educational
Explains in plain language all anyone needs to know when buying, using and surviving technology. Caulked full of great explanations, tips and sage advice, Too Smart entertains, teaches and put all the new gadgets into perspective.

An Amazon customer

No matter your level of technical knowledge this is worth the read
Entertaining and informative guide for both experienced and less experienced users among us. Key points and smart tip sections are great additions.

Ken Riccini, Telecommunications and IT Consultant, former senior Federal govermemt IT managment official

A general-purpose user's manual for technology
Tom Pyke devoted his career to introducing some of the most advanced information technologies of the times into new situations and applications. He is unique not only in the wide variety of these but especially in the high level of success that was attained. Now he has thoughtfully assembled his success formulas and tricks into a book for the general reader. Expert and experienced readers would benefit from reading it too, if they took the time (and had the humility). Think of it as a “general purpose user’s manual” to be read and absorbed before you buy any new high-tech gizmo, software, or service — nay, before you even think of buying or going shopping. It will save you lots of money and frustration — and time too, if you include ‘false starts’ while you learn through trial-and-error.

George Lindamood, former Gartner executive and former CIO of Washington state